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The Versace brand founded around forty years ago in Milan by Gianni Versace is today one of the most famous fashion houses in the world and a symbol of Italian luxury in the world. Through its strong lines, on the one hand, it maintains its traditional design while on the other it is aimed at a new global public, thus reinforcing the position of Versace in contemporary culture.The Versace collections of watches are part of the stylistic line of Versace clothing, remaining faithful to the incredible reputation of the brand. In fact, the meticulous attention to detail and the peculiar elegance of the designs leaves no doubt that the Versace watches, as well as the clothing items, are endowed with top quality and absolute refinement.Versace watches, with an automatic Swiss movement and a chronograph, create a mix of shapes and colors that make the accessory a true element of perfecting any type of outfit. They are refined and cutting-edge watches. Stainless steel cases and gold-plated details provide a refined protection to Swiss quartz mechanisms, while steel or genuine leather bracelets protect the watch without compromising its comfort. Large, bold and beautiful, the Versace range of watches remains faithful to the brand's signature with exceptional watches with bold, bright and vibrant lines. The legacy of success that the Italian Maison can boast can clearly be found in the watches available in our online catalog.With a wide range of models, colors, shapes, and styles available for both men and women, in our online section dedicated to Versace watches you can relive almost half a century of experience in the field of fashion. Browse our gallery dedicated to Versace watches for men and women. Choose to give your look all the refinement, luxury and pride of the most famous Italian brand in the world at competitive prices.