Wholesale watches Europe

Europe is a large and diverse place with many different kinds of people, but intelligent consumers everywhere understand the importance of value and quality. At Italjapan, we provide retailers with the wholesales watches Europe deserves: fine timepieces made to look good, made to keep good time and made to last for generations. May we be your source for wholesale watches? We understand that the history of watchmaking is intertwined with and closely linked to the history of Europe. After all, clocks first appeared in the 15th century and the first watches in the 17th century, and the watch traces its varied origins mostly to England and elsewhere in Europe. Of course, when they were first developed, watches were strictly mechanical. Now, quartz movements and even digital displays are the norm — although mechanical watches are still sought after in Europe. So what are the brands of wholesale watches Europe wants most today? There’s no single answer to that question. We successfully offer Casio, Seiko and many other brands from all around the world to the European market. This includes Timex, Nautica, Head, Executive, Timecode, Barrel, Serene Marceau for whom we are official distributors. We can provide retailers like you with a such a wide array of choices at great prices because we have strong, vibrant relationships with the top names in wholesale watches Europe and the rest of the world can depend on. We purchase closeouts, clearance deals and inventory liquidation products at great prices and pass the saving along to you so that you can, in turn, pass saving along to your customers. Whether you’re an online retailer, a successful owner of a bricks-and-mortar store or another wholesaler, we can provide you the products you need at great prices. Italjapan is a top name in wholesale watches Europe can depend on, and we want to be a top supplier for you. How may we serve you today?