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Citizen is a Japanese watch brand that since its establishment has stood out for the production of high quality wristwatches so much that over the years, then, it has expanded all over the world becoming over the years a globally recognized brand. The Japanese brand, in fact, thanks to the attention to detail and the quality of the watches produced, was able to address an increasingly large audience, until it reached the current worldwide success. Today the Citizen brand, thanks to the high reliability and the innovative technologies with which its products are made, boasts the recognition of the world’s largest watch manufacturer. The production of Citizen watches has always been ahead of the other companies through the creation and marketing of well-constructed watches collections, even while respecting the needs of its public. The strength of Citizen watches lies in the fact that every collection and every model manages to satisfy the tastes and expectations of lovers of wristwatches by offering watches with a high technological content. Worthy of note are the Eco-dive watches, watches built with respect for the environment that work through a very powerful light system that keeps it working perfectly year after year, without having to replace the battery. Citizen watches put their strength in functionality and quality that is widely present in all the collections and models offered by the brand. Citizen watches models are designed for everyone. There are sports, elegant and formal ones suitable for businessmen who wear a jacket and tie every day and even underwater models for diving enthusiasts. Some models, in fact with their water resistance up to a depth of 200 meters, perform their job very well even when you want to wear it during swimming sessions in the pool or on the beach. The Citizen watch brand, as the name reveals, is aimed at men and women, citizens of the world, respecting their identity and their desires.

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