Versace luxury comeback

The Versace brand is certainly synonymous with high quality, fashion, fashion shows, accessories and unique luxury jewelry.

Launched in 1978 in Milan by Gianni Versace, the brand has grown to become one of the most famous and immediately recognizable luxury fashion houses in the world. The unmistakable Made in Italy style of Versace has, in fact, proudly led Italy to be known all over the world for its refinement, elegance and good taste in dressing.

However, when it comes to Versace we cannot fail to take into consideration the wristwatches that define and complete the outfits in an extraordinary way with quality and precision.

Made with Italian design and a Swiss working mechanism, Versace watches represent a real must have for lovers of wristwatches, fashion and luxury.

Versace watches collections for men and women remain faithful to the reputation that the brand has acquired since its launch. The casual and unmistakable elegance of the Versace watches design leaves no doubt about the devotion of the stylists to the highest quality of materials.

The enormous success of the company and its iconic legacy of style are represented in a wide range of watches with colors and captivating style which, combined with the Swiss quality of the operating mechanisms, are capable of making any fashion and of watches.

Swiss quartz mechanisms find protection in carefully detailed stainless steel or gold-plated cases, while steel, fabric or real leather straps wrap the watches around the wrist without compromising comfort.

Enter the section dedicated to new arrivals of luxury watches by Versace.

Entering the Versace world, a heterogeneous selection of watches awaits you: multicolored dials, chronograph watches, elegant or sporty lines for men and women.