Citizen 30 new models

The Citizen watches brand is known worldwide and can be considered the largest wristwatch manufacturer on the market. Due to the growing demand from lovers of wrist watchmaking, Citizen manufactures a large number of models subjected to constant research for the improvement of functionality and modernization of design.

The commitment to improvement and new technologies is evident in the products: from the design idea of ​​the individual components of the watch to the final assembly, each step is handled directly by the parent company.

For Citizen it is not only important to produce technically updated watches with a unique design, but also and above all that the products have characteristics of longevity, robustness and affordable cost.

The combination of technology and style, technical sophistication and timeless beauty makes Citizen watches truly unique. The new Citizen models have different styles: simple, elegant and sporty.

The wide range of new Citizen watch models includes automatic, solar, chronograph watches as well as the award-winning Eco-Drive watches.

It is with the Eco-Dive models that Citizen has best expressed its concept of wristwatches. Citizen Eco-Drive watches have a mechanism powered by light and do not need to change the battery. Where there is no source of light for a long period of time, the mechanism stores energy allowing the watch to always run. In any case, just a minute of light would be enough to activate Eco Drive. The Citizen chronographs, however, despite their important dimensions, are very light and resistant to scratches and pressure. The incorporated sapphire crystal makes the watches in this collection particularly robust and resistant. The Citizen range of chronograph watches has been built with precision in mind, without prejudice to the surprising aesthetic that distinguishes them. Browse the catalog dedicated to the new Citizen models and choose the model that best meets your needs.