Calvin Klein automatic watches

Simplicity and charm have always defined the style of the Calvin Klein brand.

The brand signature is a modern, energetic, sexy and casual design.

This same aesthetic is an integral part of the Calvin Klein watches collections which, since its market launch, continues to create enchanting wristwatches with a variety of striking styles.

The contemporary design of the 30 new models of Calvin Klein watches in our store represent a real statement of belonging to fashion. Since they are fashion watches, these watches are relatively simple. The proposed catalog includes watches with quartz movement both analog and chronograph with variegated colors and shapes in shades of yellow gold, silver, stainless steel, rose gold, dark brown or black leathers and even surprising shades for a bewitching look.

A minimal and clear line characterizes the visual design of these watches, while the quartz and automatic movements offer good quality and value.

Calvin Klein automatic watches are available, in the dedicated catalog, in a variety of clean and minimal designs, generally with a stainless steel or PVD finish.

In automatic watches, the hands indicate time on a clean dial, giving a more elegant look to these watches which have experienced increasing popularity.

Calvin Klein automatic watches are equipped with an automatic movement that uses the energy produced by the movement to wind the spring and, therefore, are able to maintain their power reserve as long as they are worn on the wrist, representing an important cost advantage and environmental impact. Discover news and trends of the 30 new Calvin Klein models available in the section dedicated to the brand. Recharge your style with Calvin Klein’s proposals from our assortment.

We have been operating on the market for about 30 years offering only original products with an official box and guarantee.

Therefore, access the catalog to buy the new Calvin Klein watches: buy all the quality of wristwatches in complete safety.