Nautica 30 new models

For sports lovers who don’t want to give up a pinch of classicism, in our online store, in the section dedicated to the brand, a lot of new Nautica watches are coming.

 Nautica watches ideation represent the symbol of the realization of the company, which already very famous on the market for the production of sportswear, has added watches to its already impressive catalog.

The new arrivals of Nautica watches are inspired by humanity’s exploration of the world, which starts above all from the conquest of the seas. The stylistic lines of Nautica watches are strongly associated, in fact, with the concept of action, adventure and classicism.

Since Nautica watches were originally intended for lovers of water sports and nautical adventures, they were equipped with large and easy-to-read dials integrated with other sophisticated functions. Designed for offshore adventures, they are functional, waterproof and extremely reliable accessories with modern functions.

Already from their appearance, it is clear that these are ultra-resistant but at the same time fashionable wrist accessories, ideal to be worn even in the corporate world. The models, with a diversified design, are conceived and produced with extraordinary skill: different shapes, lifestyles and tastes characterize the proposed collections.

Among the new models of Nautica watches available in our online catalog, it is possible to purchase all categories of models: watches entirely in metal, with leather strap and those that are properly sporty with synthetic straps.

Although the main recipient of these reliable wrist accessories is the male world, some models, due to their highly elegant lines, can also be worn by women.

Nautica watches for men and women combine bold colors and unique design in a style that stands out on the wrist watch market. The style and comfort of the new Nautica arrivals is present in the section dedicated to the brand with exclusive prices reserved for retailers.