New Q&Q kids

Learning to read the time is undoubtedly an important step for the little ones.

With the reliability of the quality and quantity of Q&Q Kids watches, you can help children learn to read the time with pleasure and in a playful way.

Indeed, children’s watches represent much more than a simple accessory: they are tools that help to grow, to orientate and buy and improve awareness of time and space.

Precisely by virtue of the great social and pedagogical importance of the accessory, Q&Q has created a collection of colorful and fun watches, but also waterproof and resistant to make happy parents and children who will learn to read the time and to perceive the passage of hours and minutes in a fun way.

The new arrivals of Q&Q Kids watches are produced with careful attention to the needs of childrens. They are light on the wrist and at the same time impact resistant. The Q&Q Kids collection consists of soft and comfortable watches to wear, ideal for very active children.

Bright colors, such as pink, blue, red, green and yellow, cheerful shapes with flowers, geometries and patterns represent the main stylistic inspiration of the models offered in our section dedicated to Q&Q Kids watches.

Q&Q Kids watches are accessories very appreciated not only by children but also by parents who willingly give them to their children thanks to their unbeatable price on the market.

In our online store, in the section dedicated to the brand, you can find many new playful, free, soft, cheerful and imaginative Q&Q Kids models.

We ship, with product traceability, within 24 hours of payment and we rely on specialized and careful couriers. Each product comes with an original box with instruction manual and a two-year warranty.