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Italian design and Japanese heart: these are the characteristics that make Timecode a watch brand with a unique identity. These characteristics together with the brand philosophy have redefined the concept of wristwatch. Timecode, indeed, with its collections of watches with an aggressive and showy design, affirms that a watch is not only mere technology but represents the soul, the feeling and the history of the wearer. Wearing one of the Timecode watch models, in fact, means taking a piece of history with it, rewriting its own story, making it unique and unrepeatable.Starting from this philosophy, Timecode is composed of different collections that draw inspiration and tell the stories of important men who, through their deeds and their genius, have chosen to make the ordinary extraordinary.The collections are dedicated, for example, to Nicola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Guglielmo Marconi, Wilhelm Röntgen, the first ascent of Mount Everest, the first satellite around the earth and the arrival of the Internet. Each collection has its own special design in different versions, colors, patterns and styles. This special concept is supported by the high quality steel used in the best Japanese watches and by the reliability of quartz and automatic working mechanisms. In our online B2B catalog entirely dedicated to the brand, it is possible to let yourself be captured by the uniqueness, the passion and the story told through the precious models of watches immediately available. In our online store, in fact, for all the retailers and the shopkeepers, we have selected a wide range of models with different styles, technologies, materials and colors. Consulting the data sheet complete with all the product technical description, photographs in multiple positions and videos, you can choose all the more stylish models of the Timecode brand with prices reserved exclusively for the retailers and the shopkeepers real-time availability.