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Wholesale Seiko Watches

Please note that Seiko products price list is not linked to official retail prices from motherhouse, but it’s an Italjapan approximated price list based on Internet and local markets research.

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For wholesale Seiko watches, there’s no better source than Italjapan. The well-respected Seiko brand dates back to 1881, making it the first of the many fine watch manufacturers in Japan. Designed with automatic mechanical movements, Seiko does a great job of creating timepieces with a balanced, aesthetically pleasing appearance and design that ably stays in tune with wearers of all kinds. Today’s wholesale Seiko watches are the result of decades of innovation and based on the very latest technology from within the company and around the industry, making these timepieces among the best value in today’s marketplace. Plus, even the most uneducated about timepieces surely know about Seiko and it’s commitment to quality products.Top models from Seiko in recent years include those with new movements called the Kinetic and the Kinetic Auto Relay, both of which use body energy for powering the watch. These come with a kinetic reserve indicator that shows how much energy has been produced. The Auto Relay model can store created energy for up to four years even if the watch isn’t moved at all.Your retail customers will appreciate it when you purchase wholesale Seiko watches from Italjapan because we provide the best possible prices, allowing you to pass along the value. With over three decades of serving customers right, we know how to keep you satisfied too. Our price and customer service combine to offer you an unmatched value. Purchasing wholesale Seiko watches from us for your business is an intelligent decision for which you’ll thank yourself.