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D1 Milano is a young innovative Italian company that in a very short time has managed to make its way into the world of watchmaking so that its precious products are currently in demand by watch enthusiasts from all four corners of the globe.
The brand name D1 was born as a phonetic acronym of the term D1 which, in English, should be pronounced “The one” to suggest the idea of a unique and exclusive accessory.
In fact, the particular attention to detail, the innovative design and at the same time tenaciously linked to the watchmaking tradition make the D1 Milano watch collections truly unique.
The stylistic line of D1 Milano reinterprets the wrist watchmaking of the 70s.
The classic 70s haute horlogerie models acquire a contemporary interpretation, an original and contemporary twist that aligns with new trends.
Despite the reference to vintage, the watch collection has its own strong personality. The combinations of high quality design straps, buckles, cases, dials and bezels give the wrist accessory an elegant and, at the same time, sporty, casual and fun look.
The reference, in the name of the brand, to the metropolis of northern Italy makes the idea of a collection of watches inspired by the urban style. Clean shapes, quality of PVD or soft touch polycarbonate materials, aesthetic refinement through the use of chromatism, and original details are the stylistic features of the D1 Milano brand. Despite the refinement of the details, the D1 Milano watches are offered at a highly competitive price because they are designed mainly for a young audience that never gives up on giving in to the charm of fashion.
D1 Milano offers on the market, at an affordable price, quality and maximum attention to detail and that is why it has found, in a short time since its birth, the favor of people all over the world.

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