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The Barrel brand makes wrist watches that evoke the sea and the summer; for those who love the sea, Barrel proposes watches that are inspired by the world of surfing, that remind us of the depths of the ocean and the beautiful exotic beaches full of palm trees, surf boards and fruit cocktails. It will be easy to feel completely relaxed and carefree with a Barrel watch on, it will be a bit like being at the seaside and in a full Californian scenery all year round! The colourful straps contribute to give the brand a lively and young imprint; they are extremely trendy watches thought for the most extreme sports, in other words those that manage to give us a great sense of freedom and lightness. Considering the use for which they are made (mainly the sea) they have a high resistance to water and impacts. The original Barrel collection goes from lifestyle models to the more technological ones like the smartwatch; this last one, in the specific case of water sports, will become an excellent and trustworthy friend even in the unknown (to most) abysses of the sea because besides having the lunar phases it also has some precious and useful tables of the tides, the speed and direction of the winds, the temperature of the air and the water and a geolocaliser that enables a sportsman to decide in absolute tranquillity and with the right consideration which will be the best moment to ride the waves or do one's preferred water sport. The brand Barrel is absolutely synonym to freedom, enchanting beaches on which to land with a sturdy and resistant watch on your wrist, a perfect mix of high hyperfunctional innovation and lifestyle design. It is a versatile brand, witha particularly high performance level: the watches are adapt for sport but are also perfect for everyday use. Barrel watches, a unique project destined to last in time!