New Seiko solar arrivals

In its ultra-centenary history, the Seiko brand has always stood out for its commitment to technical and technological research on movements.

The primary choice of the company has always been to implement, in its products, technical solutions aimed at protecting the environment by renouncing the use of the battery to avoid its disposal and the minimization of maintenance.

The Seiko Solar collection, now available in our store with many new models, is one of the striking examples of the Seiko company philosophy. Seiko Solar watches are highly eco-friendly.

We decided to implement our store with watches that offer precision and attention to detail, also helping to limit environmental pollution, eliminating the use of batteries. Since no battery replacement is ever required, the watch is virtually maintenance free. Seiko recommends occasional maintenance as with any watch and the wearer can rely on the watch’s full operation for a prolonged period without fear that the battery will ever run down.

 The new Seiko Solar models, in fact, can be quickly fed from any type of light and not only the solar one and in fact with only two minutes of exposure they generate a charge of a day. Solar recharge can be kept for a long time and even if you don’t wear the watch for a long time and it is left in the dark for months, it only takes a few minutes of light to regain its normal functioning. The Seiko Solar line includes several models that differ from each other in the stylistic line.

From the basic models to the more sophisticated ones of the Seiko Solar line, we have collected in our online store some of the ecological Seiko Solar favorites from the wristwatch market.

By switching to a Seiko Solar watch, you will never live that moment when you realize that the watch’s battery is now empty.

Enter the section dedicated to Seiko Solar watches: for you many new models at unbeatable prices.