Casio G-Shock: 10 new models

Among the watches belonging to the Casio brand, the G-Shock model is undoubtedly the most successful accessory. The Casio G-Shock collection represents different facets. In addition to having a unique and inimitable design, it has unparalleled strength and sturdiness.

When we talk about Casio G-Shock watches, in fact, we cannot but refer to their indestructibility.

They are watches characterized by an unusual impermeability and are able to withstand the most different stresses. They can be worn underwater, during extreme sports and in all circumstances. They mainly use the quartz mechanism and can be recharged with a normal long-life battery or, in some models, through a mechanism positioned inside the dial, which allows you to recharge the watch through sunlight. They are made in different lines all focused on digital quartz and liquid crystal technology. The high performance technical features are accompanied by an unmistakable style. The shape of the case, whose raised edge protects the glass, stands out from all other watch models. The stylistic lines are important and decisive. In our virtual store, many new models of the Casio G-Shock collection are now available with certified quality, performing functions and an affordable price. Entering the dedicated section, it will be possible to discover the new models, compare the features and choose the G-Shock accessory that’s right for you.

You can choose from the new Casio G-Shock models available in our store, the one that best embraces your style and personality or what you think will attract your customers the most. You will find the new Casio G-Shock analog or digital and among those you decide what you prefer. Maximum reliability with small price.