Roberto Cavalli by Franc Muller: 200 new models

The characteristic of Roberto Cavalli by Franck Muller watches is that there are so many different models to be able to embrace the tastes of all lovers of the brand. Under the signature of Roberto Cavalli, the timepieces represent a successful attempt by this famous fashion brand to try their hand at the world of wristwatches. The first thing to note about Roberto Cavalli watches is the impeccable design, in some cases very simple and in some very complex. There is no better way to see the difference between their best models than to take a look at the new 200 models offered in our virtual catalog.

The variety of design of Roberto Cavalli watches is one of the strengths of this Italian brand, as anyone can find the right wrist accessory for himself. Roberto Cavalli watches have both the good looks and the necessary functions, which, when combined with the reasonable price, make this brand a perfect choice for those who want to have both the aristocratic aspect and the innovative design.

What most attracts the attention of lovers of wristwatches, are undoubtedly the quadrants of the Just Cavalli models: in them there is a subtle boundary between being exuberant with all the small details and being simple, with only the logo and the hands. And when it comes to leather or steel straps there are only words of praise: this company certainly knows how to work with exclusive materials.

The exclusive Roberto Cavalli watches are now available in our online store, in the dedicated section in 200 new models. If you want to learn more about the proposed models, go to the Roberto Cavalli watch catalog, tested for authenticity and quality.

Have fun browsing our Roberto Cavalli watch range at competitive prices.