New Q&Q models: Superior collection

The Q&Q watches of the Superior collection are available in many new models.

The brand name indicates the main idea of ​​the company: quality and quantity. It is for these two important features that Q&Q watches have become leaders in the field of reliable and at the same time economical watch movements. Q&Q is part of Citizen, a giant in the watch industry and therefore, Q&Q watches are of unsurpassed quality. These models have quickly gained popularity around the world. Citizen was not afraid to bet on the cheap wrist accessories market and soon met all expectations. The Q&Q brand has become recognizable, production has gained unprecedented momentum.

The accessories of the brand meet so much the needs of the modern watch market that still hold the peak and popularity in many countries.

In Q&Q the accessories use the Miyota mechanism. These watches are known for their reliability. The collection of accessories of this brand is constantly updated. In fact, the brand offers brilliant women’s wrist accessories and original products for children. Q&Q accessories do not require special handling. So you can wear elegant models for many years: they don’t break and they always look modern. Among the products of the brand there are more precious collections. For example, the Superior series stands out for its high technology, the quality of the materials used and the level of protection against water. The Superior collection has outlined new horizons for the development of the brand. The Q&Q Superior watches have a careful design, excellent features and affordable costs. The collection is designed for people who like to stand out from the crowd.

In the store, in the section dedicated to the Q&Q brand, new arrivals from the Superior collection are available, including male and female models. All models are immediately available in stock. Access the reserved area to find out the price dedicated to retailers.