HEAD super promotion: everything 70% off

In the online store, in the dedicated section, the new models of Timex and Head watches arrived with an exceptional discount of 70%.

Timex watches are an icon of American watchmaking. The distinctive element of Timex wristwatches is the union of the elegance of Italian design with the quality of products made in Germany. This feature makes them accessories with a strong international guarantee.

The Timex watch models are tested and assured to last over time not only thanks to the strength of the production materials and the operating mechanisms but also and above all for their timeless stylistic line. The watches are for both women and men. The line of women’s watches is very classic, while men’s watches have a massive and robust design with important shapes and sizes.

The Head line of watches is the result of the encounter between the world of sports accessories and that of the wristwatch. Head watches are designed to meet the needs of athletes. They are watches equipped with multiple functions designed specifically for those who practice sports, by passion or by profession. Stopwatch, pedometer, GPS, HRM, are just some of the features inherent in the models of Head watches.

In addition to the purely sporting line, the company has also thought of a line dedicated to leisure time in which the elegance of stainless steel perfectly blends with sportiness and functionality. In Head watch models there is a passion for precision , the active life, the movement and all the resistance of an accessory destined to have a lasting existence.

The particularities of the Timex and Head watch collections are available in our online catalog. Leafing through the gallery you will be able to appreciate the proposed models that are duly accompanied by a descriptive technical sheet of the working mechanisms and production materials.

The price is absolutely not to be missed: 70% discount on all Timex and Head models available in the catalog.