Seiko and Nautica new models

Lots of news coming up for watch enthusiasts in our store: Nautica and Seiko watches at unbeatable prices.

Nautica watches with their fresh colors and their unmistakable style, which recalls maritime life, define a direct and decisive look. Although the manufacturer focuses mainly on the creation of underwater timepieces with details strongly influenced by the marine world, Nautica watches are equipped with a style and technical details that satisfy the tastes of a vast slice of the market. The aesthetic harmony of Nautica watches meets perfectly with impeccable technical qualities made of solid and robust materials and operating mechanisms. Nautica watches are suitable to complete any outfit: casual or sporty, formal or classic. The Nautica watch models available in our store are treated in detail with scratch-resistant, shock-resistant materials and a water-resistance up to 200 meters deep.

When we talk about Seiko, instead, we talk about one of the most experienced companies in the field of watchmaking that over the years has been able to innovate more without giving up the solidity of its origins. Seiko watches have a timeless style that easily adapts to any look. They are evergreen objects, made with excellent materials and great strength. Seiko watches are watches suitable for those who need a wrist accessory that is useful and practical, as well as beautiful to wear. The Seiko watches, however, are not only at the forefront in terms of style and technology, but are also distinguished by their attention to the environment. The technology used and the manufacturing methods of Seiko watches, in fact, are absolutely respectful of the environment and nature.

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