Calvin Klein 20 new models

Purity, essentiality and fresh design: these are the keywords in which the nature of the 20 new Calvin Klein watch models featured in our catalog is contained.

The Calvin Klein watches brand has a great strength: to create evergreen watches and jewels whose design is destined never to go out of style.

The manufacturer, through its watch models, proves to know the tastes of the world market. It is a company that looks hard: it is committed to producing quality wrist accessories that interpret new trends in fashion and elegance without making the product excessive in style.

They are sober watches but, at the same time, with a sophisticated cut.

Calvin Klein was one of the first manufacturers of wristwatches to popularize the knitted strap.

Among the twenty new models of Calvin Klein watches in our catalog, it is possible to buy these famous models that represent the emblem of elegance. The pink or silver-colored mesh lends dynamism and movement to the bracelet making it perfect to be adapted to any look.

The models with a genuine leather strap with scaly print and stainless steel case are also very beautiful and unique. The new models proposed also include the new Evidence collections, in which the fashion house, without giving up the minimal and discreet lines of its style, has focused on a sportier and younger line, suitable for both men and women. The models have a steel or black PVD case and a rubber strap of the same color as the dial.

The Calvin Klein watch models owe their popularity to the ability to be worn on any occasion. You have nothing to fear when wearing a Calvin Klein watch: it is the right accessory, in the right place and at the right time, always.