Citizen and Seiko new models

There are so many different models of Citizen watches in our online store. The new models in our catalog are designed for men and women citizens of the world.

The new models of Citizen watches are proposed for all those who look for functionality first of all in a watch.

It is precisely the high reliability and functionality that has elected the Citizen brand the largest manufacturer of wristwatches in the world. The new models of Citizen watches proposed in the dedicated section are suitable to meet the tastes of men and women, sporty, elegant and classic. Citizen watches lend themselves to accompany the look of any occasion. Many of the proposed models, incorporating eco-dive technology, are also highly appreciated by those who are more sensitive to the environment because, with their movement that is drawn by drawing energy from sunlight, they have a low environmental impact.

The new Seiko watch models are also highly appreciated by lovers of wrist watches.

Seiko represents a true icon of our time.

It is the oldest watch manufacturer in Japan that stands out for the extreme precision of its internal mechanisms.

Seiko watches are available with genuine leather strap, stainless steel case and anti-reflective sapphire crystal and with stainless steel and hardlex crystal glass bracelet and case.

In our online store, many new models of Seiko watches are available.

In addition to the classic collection for men and women, in the catalog dedicated to the new Seiko watch models, enthusiasts will also find a wide selection of solar and kinetic watches.

Browse the gallery dedicated to the new models of Seiko and Citizen watches.

For you, many new features at a highly competitive price.

The products are accompanied by a technical sheet and are immediately available.