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Timecode is a watch brand with its own identity in which Italian design meets Japanese precision. For Timecode the watch is not a simple wrist accessory but represents the soul and history of the wearer.

It is precisely from this school of thought that the company has given life to its special watches  collections that tell the story and the deeds of the great characters of history.

Nicola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Guglielmo Marconi, Wilhelm Röntgen: these are the great men who inspired the collections and who with their ambitions and their deeds have written the history of the whole humanity.

The Timecode watches collections take their name precisely from these great men of the past who, with their history, have made possible the exhaustion of many important discoveries. In our online store is available a wide range of Timecode watches discounted at 90%.

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The models proposed by the special design in different versions, colors, models and styles are designed and manufactured with the best materials: stainless steel and mineral glass bracelet and case, fabric strap, plated stainless steel case and mineral glass, genuine leather strap, miyota or automatic quartz movement.

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With a 90% discount a wide range of models with different styles, technologies, materials and colors is now available.

Timecode has chosen to make extraordinary everything that is ordinary by inaugurating an exploratory journey around the world and in the most beautiful moments that the history of the past that has left us.

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