HEAD Balance fitness tracker

Great comeback

The market of fitness tracker watches today represents a large share of the wristwatch market. It is a sector full of models with different technical and aesthetic characteristics depending on the brand they belong to. There are those suitable mainly for sporting activities and those with a not typically sporty design that makes them wearable even beyond the training session. In our online showroom dedicated to Head watches it is now possible to appreciate the great return of Head Balance fitness tracker watches.

The production of these bracelets has been renewed with technologically advanced features to guarantee to the fitness  and smart watches lovers in general a product that is up to expectations.

Head Balance watches weighing 20 grams can be worn by men and women who want to monitor their physical activity 24 hours a day.

They are equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 connection, 0.91 inch OLED Screen with Touch Button, IP67 waterproof rating and an 80mAh Poly-Li internal battery.

With the Head Balance Fitness tracker watches collect data from daily activities such as heart rate, sleep quality and blood pressure by keeping track of your daily activities to manage them properly.

Measurements are made through a specific and precise green laser placed under the watch case and collected in the special Balance app that can be downloaded on all Android and IOS operating systems.

It is however possible to remain always connected even when performing the training as your Head Balance watch will send you the most recent notifications of e-mails, messages and incoming calls.

HEAD Balance can be your personal assistant or even your personal trainer. Thanks to the “Coach” function, this fantastic watch will help you carry out more effective outdoor activities by creating a personalized plan based on age, sex and heart rate.

Visit, the section dedicated to Head Balance Fitness tracker watches. You will find more information on models and operation details.