Calvin Klein new models

an even more various catalogue

To complete the look of every lover of the brand, Calvin Klein completes the clothes with luxury accessories of all kinds, including wristwatches.

Calvin Klein watches have a style strictly in line with all the products of the brand: simple and contemporary design but strong at the same time. The Calvin Klein watches go beyond the formal role of the timepieces, becoming true fashion accessories.

The new Calvin Klein models proposed in our online showcase are absolutely in line with the brand’s unique and captivating aesthetic philosophy.

The proposed models are mostly made of metal, often combined with fashionable materials.

The operating movements use Swiss made mechanics with automatic or quartz ETA movement.

Our virtual catalog is enriched with an increasingly diverse assortment of models suitable for men and women: products carefully studied both in design and in the choice of materials.

The women’s line, designed for those who like to be glamorous and feminine in every occasion, has been renewed with new models that are more and more seductive.

Particular attention is paid to the new classic models in steel with a metal or leather strap or watches with a rigid bracelet and dial available in various colors.

The new models dedicated to the male world, instead, are enriched with watches with regular and essential lines with the classic leather or steel strap. They are watches especially designed for those men with strong, determined and dynamic personalities.

The new assortment of CK watches in our online store includes all the timeless elegance of the brand.The watches for him and her designer Calvin Klein are available in three different sizes small medium and large, ranging in price range accessible to all budgets.