Citizen New Models exclusive from Japan

If you’re looking for functionality first of all, then Citizen is the brand for you.

While for most watchmakers the functionality is just a “something extra”, that is a superfluous aspect, for Citizen the functionality and the performance represent the strong point and this is why a Citizen watch is far superior compared to many watch brands.

Due to the high reliability and innovative technologies behind Citizen watches, the Japanese company has been recognized as the largest manufacturer of wristwatches in the world.

On our site, in the section dedicated to Citizen watches, new collections and models of the Japanese house are now available. The new Citizen watches models are truly special and offer a unique combination of refined design, quality and technologically advanced performance.The models proposed in our online catalog are different and as the name of the brand itself reveals, they are aimed at citizens, men and women around the world.

Citizen has always favored excellence and creativity, for this reason, the proposed models are different and more diverse. The new models of Citizen watches are designed for everyone, there are the sporty ones, watches suitable for men who must dress in suits and ties on the occasion of important diving events and models for men and women who love diving.Many new models of Citizen watches proposed in our online showcase also incorporate eco-drive technology, a technology capable of exploiting light by drawing energy. In this case the power reserve has a low environmental impact.

The new models of Citizen watches from Japan are highly accurate in measuring time. The design is simple, linear and appealing and the proposed models are suitable for both men and women.