New Seiko models

Seiko is one of the oldest and most important wristwatch manufacturers in the world.
The watchmaking house from 1881, the date of its foundation, has become a reference point for the research of new technologies and modernization, influencing with its philosophy of innovation, the entire watch-making market.
Seiko watches possess a large variety of collections. Among these stand out, the Seiko Kinetic collections, Seiko 5 and the numerous chronograph watches, of which Seiko is the major producer.
Seiko Kinetic watches represent the great propensity to innovation of the brand.These watches are quartz watches, without batteries, which use an integrated system that works and self-reloads with only the movement of the wrist.The name Kinetik, in fact, derives from the Greek “Kinesis” which means “movement” and refers precisely to the capacity of the self-charging system. This mechanism of operation, makes these models very autonomous and reliable.The models of the Seiko 5 collection, owe their name to their five essential characteristics they are equipped with, which represent the five pivotal points, which, according to the manufacturer, a watch must possess, and are: the automatic charge, the day date function arranged on the dial in a single window, the water resistance that makes it possible to use it underwater, the crown mounted at 4 o’clock and the durability of the case and bracelet.Starting from these five basic characteristics, Seiko 5, constitutes a durable and durable watch with an innovative design.Seiko chronographs are models able to maintain a solid balance between elegance, sportiness and innovation. Seiko chronograph watches are always in step with the latest trends and certainly these features make them models to keep absolutely in your collection.In our online store, all shop owners and retailers will find numerous new Seiko chronographs, Seiko 5 and Seiko Kinetic models available.
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