New arrivals Roberto Cavalli by Frank Muller Gianfranco Ferrè

The Collaboration between the world of watchmaking and high fashion is now something consolidated. Numerous high-fashion houses have launched themselves in the watch sector with tremendous success thanks to the combination of their style and the cutting-edge technology of Swiss watchmakers.
Undoubtedly, these collaborations include Roberto Cavalli – Frank Muller: a meeting between two excellence, one of the fashion and one of the watchmaking.
In the Roberto Cavalli by Franck Muller’s fashion collections, Roberto Cavalli’s current style and style and the excellence of the Swiss watchmaking mechanics of Frank Muller coexist.
The collections created by these two great minds are available on our wholesale watches. In them there is all the unmistakable touch of high fashion: the octagonal shape reveals the identity of the designer and the animal print seems to come from a walkway Roberto Cavalli.
Our company, leader in the sale of wrist watches, in addition to these important collections, for lovers of the big names, has also recently introduced the collections designed by Gianfranco Ferrè. The wrist accessories designed by the fashion designer, famous throughout the world, refer, in their totality, the taste and the typical class of a high-fashion catwalk.They are definable “elegantly sporty” watches and this makes them really unique in their genre. Gianfranco Ferrè’s signed collections reflect the entire Maison’s stylistic line: In them insist tradition and innovation, elegance and sportiness.
Versatile design, attention to detail, sinuous and appealing lines of available models make a wristwatch signed by Gianfranco Ferrè an accessory not to be missed. The new arrivals Roberto Cavalli’s by Frank Muller and Gianfranco Ferrè available in our wholesale catalog include men’s and women’s items at really affordable prices.
Visit our wholesale catalog on our website and let yourself be wrapped up in the atmosphere of a fashion show!

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