HEAD, a brand known especially among sports lovers, has recently launched a new collection of watches designed exclusively for those who practice sports at a professional level or simply live sport as a passion.
Among the lines recently launched by the brand, HE-006 Backhand is certainly one of the most representative, along with HE-007 Grip and HE-008 Smash.
The HE-006 Backhand chronograph with its jeans strap is one of those wrist accessories that allow you to have a sporty style but certainly over the lines. Wearing it will be like pulling out your character by laying it on your wrist.
It is equipped with 44 mm wide stainless steel case, mineral glass and water resistance of 10 ATM.
The HE-007 Grip chronograph, with its sleek silicone band and the date, adapts well to the diversity of each wrist. This feature, coupled with the 44mm wide stainless steel case, mineral glass and water resistance of 10 ATM, make this chronograph a real gift of beauty and comfort for the wearer’s wrist. It is available in several color variants: black band with black case, blue silicone band and black silicone band.
HE-008 Smash, on the other hand, is a real blow to get home. The colorful jeans waistband in several variants, green, beige, light jeans and dark jeans with 41mm stainless, the steel case and mineral glass give this line of watches an originality never seen by Head brand lovers.
In our wholesale Head watches you will find all the novelties brought by the brand.
HE-006 Backhand’s sporty character, HE-007 Grip comfort and beauty, and HE-008 Smash extraordinary and originality await you in our wholesale HEAD watch catalog. Do not lose the opportunity!

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