Timecode new collections: Viking and Voyager

Our company, in addition to the many well-known brands, also offers the Timecode brand in absolute exclusivity. The brand new watches have redefined the concept of wrist watches thanks to their elegant and sophisticated Italian design, their robust design and their reliable operation. In our Timecode watch catalog, among other collections, you will also find today’s latest Timecode Viking and Timecode Voyager collections. Although it is not possible to trace the origin of the word “Viking”, admiring a Timecode Viking watch we can undoubtedly understand the essence of the concept that it expresses, namely: grouping into one object the stories of the most amazing discoveries of the new world. In our Timecode watch catalog, we propose several models of the Timecode Viking collection, available in different colors. This incredible timepiece comes with a see-throught dial with geometrical pattern, automatic mechanical watch, 316L stainless steel case and leather strap, 45mm diameter case, screw crown, water resistance up to 10 meters and mineral glass pure. With Timecode Voyager, however, you can discover and experience all the excitement of an interspace journey, in a watch that surpasses any gravitational limit. Timecode Voyager is available in different versions of rare chronograph rubber colore.Questo has a geometric quadrant powered by a reliable Japanese miyota movement, quartz chronograph, Case in 316L stainless steel and rubber strap, case a with 42 mm diameter, crown screw, water resistance up to 10 meters and pure mineral glass. Browse our gallery of Timecode Viking watches and Timecode Voyager watches. Wear a Timecode Viking and Timecode Voyager model and start your most memorable journey to a new way of thinking. With Timecode you can overcome the boundaries of the universe and look at the world from another perspective.

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