News Lorus, More than 30 new chronographs

In our Catalog a lot of news Lorus chronographs for man and in the outlet several Swiss Alfex models, they are all available in our store!
And you can buy them at very affordable and reasonable prices.
The birth of Lorus brand launched by Seiko Watch Corporation in 1982, responds to a specific objective of the Mother House: build and deliver to market a line of watches at more affordable prices than those of Seiko and Pulsar collections.
Although sold at lower prices, Lorus watches do not lack any style: in fact, quality and technology, have nothing to envy to Seiko and Pulsar watches.
They are, as if to say, available to everyone, satisfied a bit everyone, both women and men; they also really like even to the children.
For man Lorus, offers classic watches (from the more elegant style), digital (more modern style) or chronographs (from sportier style), while for women the Lorus watches are mostly classic and elegant.
Particular attention is paid to children; Lorus proposes for their colorful watches, with silicone straps (very durable and waterproof material) and with an easy to read dials.
The Alfex watches, born in 1948 and entirely “made in Switzerland”, are extremely accurate, because they have the Swiss movement. What distinguishes the Alfex watches are definitely the materials used, all top quality, such as stainless steel and stainless steel plated in gold.
They are the perfect expression of the techniques and of the style of the Swiss tradition; are highly valued for their versatility, reliability, and design (the latter very pleasant and original).
Since its inception, the brand Alfex has been associated with prestigious objects, obtained by combining the innovation of great designers and the Swiss art authenticity. Each model Alfex is an explosion of pure sophistication, boldness, and versatility: They are ideal watches for those who want to feel special on every occasion.

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