New Timecode Gravity, Lorus @ Outlet

Discover the new collection of watches Timecode Gravity!

On our online catalog you will find, in addition to many brands, even the beautiful collections of Timecode watches dedicated to big feats that have been accomplished in history, crucial moments for the growth of humanity; in pursuing this goal the brand honors the history by launching the Gravity collection.
The models Timecode Gravity 1687 TC-1017-04, Timecode Gravity TC-1687, Timecode Gravity 1017-01 and 1017-05 TC-1687 are all available in our warehouse; the companies, after registration, can buy them wholesale at super discounted prices, and exclusively reserved for them.
All the three models differ, basically, for the color; are analog watches, have automatic movement and have an indication of the day, month and year; the strap (20cm x 24mm) is made of silicone, extremely comfortable and resistant material, while the case (46x14mm) is made of stainless steel and plated mineral glass. They also offer luminescence, screw crown, screw back and are resistant up to 100 meters below sea level.
In addition, our extensive catalog, in the “outlet” section, also offers the fantastic watches Lorus at amazing prices.
The Lorus brand, launched on the world of the watch market in 1982 by Seiko Watch Corporation, while presenting all the innovations and technologies of Seiko and Pulsar, are distributed on the market at more affordable prices.
They have style, quality, and technology and for this reason, they content a little all: men, women and children.
The Lorus collection is characterized mainly by the style and the different price ranges. For the woman, the mother company produces watches in classic style and neutral colors, perfect to be worn every day with different outfits. For man, the mother company produces not only classic watches but also those digital or chronographs from the sporty cut, while for babies realizes watches with dials easy to read, available with Arabic numerals or with the digital display. For the latter, the straps are colorful silicone.

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