New Arrivals Casio, Seiko and Timex

Come to discover on our website dedicated to wholesale, the updated catalog of Seiko designer watches, Timex and Casio.

Seiko, for each collection, offers a wide range of models to choose from. All Seiko models have high levels of quality and robustness; substantially, it is the design, the type of materials and the characteristics what differentiates them from each other.
Seiko 5 Seiko Solar, Seiko Kinetic are among the more famous collections both for the originality of the design, which makes them perfect for any occasion, whether for extreme precision.
Timex instead, that is an established brand and present in the market since 1854, despite the passing of years, never ceases to amaze and to stand out: thanks to strict quality control achieves extraordinarily robust and technologically advanced watches.
Weekender, Expedition, Ironman are the most requested collections on the market.
The watches of the collection Weekender have a style and a particularly casual design; they give, to the wearer, a fresh look and cheeky, with no frills. Thanks to the interchangeable strap and thanks to their versatility are suitable to be worn every day and without tiring. The watches of the collection Expedition, are specifically designed for hiking, exploration, and adventure in general.
Thanks to the many functionalities and robustness are perfect to be worn in particularly critical and extreme conditions. The Ironman watches are specific to the sport at 360 °, are perfect for all sports, especially for those who practice the race.
The Casio collections range from sporty to classic style until you get to the vintage style. The collections in “retro” style are inspired by the models made by the mother house in the 80 ‘, this time re-proposed in revised key but equally valued.
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