Super News MomoDesign Watches

In our wholesale catalog, recently, we have also introduced the popular Momodesign brand that, once again, surprised his audience by developing an entire line dedicated to wristwatches.
The brand, over the years, not only has been shown to keep pace with the evolution of the market but also showed to be particularly able to win men and women’s heart around the world.
Continuous research, creativity, and innovation: these are the crucial aspects that represent Momodesign company’s philosophy, clearly expressed both in design and in the choice of raw materials
The strength of the brand lies in the opening to the world: not surprisingly, the Momodesign team consists of various professional profiles (designers, stylists, architects, etc.), which effectively capture all the input from the outside world.
Everything made by Momodesign, that goes from helmets, shoes, bags, watches, has a distinctive, unique and original design.
Momodesign is a successful brand: it is able to understand and anticipate the needs and market trends thanks to the eclecticism of his team, his strong creativity, his constant search for innovation.
His ability to look ahead and to be, in fact, ahead allowed the Mother House to realize the ambitious goal of disseminating his style “all-Italian” in other countries of the world.
Competence and professionality are guaranteed in all phases: from the phase of design’s development to the pre-industrialization’s phase, from quality’s control phase to the final stage of marketing and distribution.
All the clocks’ realization process, from concept and design, until you get to distribution, it is followed in full by Momodesign team and by its licensee’s collaborators: this feature makes Momodesign a very hight quality brand.

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