new collection HEAD Open

To offer our customers more choice we recently introduced the brand Head. Within our watches catalog, there are several Head models that, along with other popular brands, are sold wholesale at very advantageous prices.

HEAD, an excellence in the sports field, especially in sports equipment, recently launched a new line fully dedicated to wristwatches, specifically designed for those who practice sports at a competitive level or just for passion. Basically, Head wanted to offer something totally new and ambitious; first of all, it did so in order to compare itself, “in a healthy and realistic way”, even with the “giants” of the watchmaking industry. In the second place, Head did it to expand the supply of sport watches ad hoc.
The new line includes ten models: five analog models and five digital. In relation to your needs, you can opt for one or the other variant. Regardless of the variation, all Head watches have as a strong point the extreme lightness, strength and an over-the-top design.
Particularly original is the Head Open HE-005-03 model. Its main characteristic lies in the clock face: clearly are the names of the cities of the Major tennis tournaments.
Basically, the digital models have a sophisticated technology and a distinctly sporty design, the analog models have a more classic design, being, then, more versatile while not lacking in innovation.
Some models are made with the finest wood inserts that usually are, alternatively, in the plots of the steel bracelet or on the clock face’s ring.
Thanks to the many features equipped, the digital models are suitable to be used in any sports. They are extremely useful and allow you to monitor your workout: they have, for example, among the many functions, the timer, the pedometer, the altimeter, etc., as well as many others.

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