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All of us (and so your clients) spend most of the time in front of a computer monitor by dreaming the next summer, crystal waters, and the warm sand. Barrel watches, with their modern design, affordable prices and movements, are perfect for some stress-free zone and some self-pampering.

During the colder season we often find ourselves sitting in front of a screen day dreaming about summer, imagining emerald water and fine sand.
Barrel watches with their modern, clean, efficient design and reliable movements are perfect to alleviate stress and allow oneself a treat.
Barrel designs watches that evoke and remind us of summer at 360°; for those who love the sea, Barrel makes watches inspired by surfing, the oceanic depths and the marvelous exotic beaches where it is possible to admire tall palm trees, ride the waves on very colored surf boards or taste fresh and thirst-quenching fruit cocktails.
Wearing a Barrel watch will certainly help to feel lighter, carefree and relaxed because it will seem to really be at the seaside all year round, rocked by the sound of the waves that break in a perfect Californian style.
They are particularly trendy and young; the very colored straps give the watches, and the brand, a note of vivacity which is difficult to resist or not be tempted by.
They are perfect for sports above all for extreme ones, they transmit a real sense of freedom, positivity and lightness
They are extremely resistant to water and to impact/scratches because they are designed specifically for water sports.
The models proposed by Barrel range from distinctly lifestyle watches to more technological ones like the smartwatch, the perfect companion for those who do sports at sea because they can guarantee the maximum reliability considering that it will be able to tell you the condition of the sea, the speed and direction of the winds, geolocalisation, temperature in and out of water in real time; all this will make the sportsman decide in absolute tranquillity and awareness the most opportune moment/day to ride the waves (if you are a surfer) o to do any kind of water sport.
It is a particularly versatile brand therefore its watches, even if designed for sports, can be worn every day as well.
It will be possible to buy the beautiful Barrel watches wholesale, at really convenient prices only from our web site!

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