Timex new arrivals / Intelligent Quartz, Weekender, and more

Find out the many new models in the website sections Timex and Timex Special!

Timex, an indisputably successful brand in the world that produces wrist watches ever since 1854, distinguishes itself, now like then, for the perfect fusion between top German engineering and sophisticated Italian design.

The brand manages to excite its public for each new collection and model even is it has been on the market for so many years.

It is a brand that never bores even with the passing of the years and manages to renew and reinvent itself without ever loosing sight of the objective it aims at: to make watches with a top level design, original, high performance, sturdy and of elevated quality.

The latest products are many: Weekender, Expedition and Ironman are specifically designed to satisfy the needs of lovers of this brand, like sports, excursions into nature, work, school…

Even if they are different collections, they all stand out for grit extreme reliability and precision.

The Timex watch is a real must have for women and men that love an active and dynamic life and that want to have the perfect watch on their wrists in every occasion and under any condition.

The Weekender collection with its extremely casual look is particularly adapt for those who want a watch for every day purposes. Thanks to the pleasant interchangeable straps, in NATO or in leather, it will seem as if you are wearing a different watch every day.

The Weekender collection has three different lines: Reverse (floral pattern straps), Fairfield (very coloured and striped straps) and Chrono (real leather straps)

The Expedition collection has an adventurous look and is particularly adapt for excursions and for those who love living in contact with nature and have many functions at “wrist”: compass, thermometer, barometer, altimeter, stopwatch, etc.

Watches from the Ironman collection are particularly adapt for those who do sports, besides being useful aids for running, they can be used as timekeepers.

Discover the new models in the sections of the Timex and Timex Special sites!

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