New Casio arrivals / Retro, G-Shock, Collection

The Casio trademark is an undisputed leader in watches worldwide and proposes new beautiful collections in light of its continuous innovation.

Among the new arrivals, Casio’s Casio Retro collection stands out for its unmistakable vintage style that is inspired by the models that have made the history of the brand in the 80s and the G-Shock collection that distinguishes itself for its sturdiness and resistance to impacts and scratches.

Watches of the Casio Retro collection don’t only conquer the hearts of those nostalgic of the 80s, but are appreciated by the younger clients that are always more numerous and show a real interest for the characteristic everlasting style from times gone by.

Among the proposed watches in this collection the most known watch in the world is certainly the A168WA model that has a stopwatch, electroluminescent light and alarm. While the A168WEGC model is made in gold coloured steel and has the characteristic digital face with mimetic pattern and is the emblem of the most trendy vintage style.

The captivating models of the G-Shock collection are available in beautiful colours like pink and blue respectively designed for girls and boys.

Because of their excellent sturdiness and resistance they are indicated in even the most extreme conditions. They have many functions like the stopwatch, the light, the timer, the alarm, the time zones and shock resistant system. They are ideal watches for sports activities of any kind, including water sports (their resistance, according to the model, goes from 100 and 200 metres under sea level).

This is surely the reason why G-Shock watches are amongst the most sold and requested above all by people who love adventure and sport from all over the world.

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