Wake up! It’s september o’clock / Seiko and Casio clocks

Wake up! Didn’t you know that we have usual unbeatable prices for Casio and Seiko clocks?
Wake up! … It’s time to go back to school and to work, the holidays have finished. What better moment to enter the world of the good morning hour to decide to buy the modern alarm clocks that have extraordinary functions.
Today, in fact, when one speaks about “alarm clocks” it is not the simple stand clock that sets the alarm off to tell that it’s time to wake up and get up.
The modern alarm clocks are different not only in colour and shape, but also in the technical characteristics, options and functions that they offer. Besides, they can have hands or be digital, for tables or built in, this means that the possibility to choose are many and it is really simple to “please” the requirements of all the people that need a sound alarm in the morning or at any time of day.
Among the stand alarm clocks there are the classic bedside table ones or table ones. The models are many and very often super cheap. There are ones with hands or digital ones or design ones that have functions that enable to choose to regulate the volume, the kind of melody, etc…
By now the modern digital alarm clocks are almost mini computers that offer the advantage that you can program various sound appointments, even during the same day, and also have a radio service and the weather forecast.
Maybe you didn’t know that on our Italjapan website it is possible to buy and choose among the beautiful and exclusive Casio and Seiko clocks at unbeatable prices.

Here are some of the Casio and Seiko models proposed in our online catalogue:
-Seiko Clock QHE088K
It is a bedside table alarm clock with a design inspired by the 1969 Tokyo Olympics stopwatch. It presents a plastic case in black and a luminescent display and a snooze button.
-Seiko Clock QHL023A
It is an LCD alarm clock with an ascending beep, it has the peal, the thermometer and also a calendar function. The display is luminous.
-Casio Clock TQ-269-1E
It is an alarm clock with a luminous display, resin case, daily alarm, snooze function – Resin case.

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