Warner Bros – Back to school! / Free branded display with 40 watches

Back to School! The ultra-famous characters from Warner Bros and Looney Toones are now available for the children with a straightforward design and an incredible price. And if you buy 40 watches, you’ll get the branded exclusive display for free!

The much loved brand for children, Warner Brothers, commonly abbreviated Warner Bros, produces clothes and accessories that are now real friends for the youngest, so much so that it’s the quality of the material mixed with the fun fantasies that make these clothes and accessories really unique and precious, just like a brother, like the brand name itself suggests.
In the dedicated collection, all the cartoon heroes are represented that in the eyes of the children become real and concrete: it’s enough to make the children wear clothes and accessories, like the Warner Bros watches, to make the children feel like their favourite character.
The Warner Bros watches will surely make your younger customers fall in love, thanks to the models completely dedicated to cartoons designed with straps and cases in plastic that are very resistant to bumps and with a digital display that is really simple even for the youngest child that is still learning to tell the time.
With the much loved watches with Tweety and Silvester, Tom and Jerry, Superman and Batman, the Warner Bros watch universe will finally be able to be on the wrists of the younger children.
Deciding to give these beautiful watches to the children with their favourite characters on them will be a good way to instill security in them and make them feel important at the same time.
With the series of Batman watches, children will learn to tell the time thanks to the very visible numbers and hands from the earliest years of school. In the full spirit of the hero, the Batman watch is completely yellow and black with the famous bat symbol on it.
The Superman model, on the other hand is proposed in various versions, with a digital display that is adapt for the youngest or with an analogical display and hands that is more adapt for older children in red and blue.
Don’t miss the occasion to make even the younger customers happy with the Warner Bros watches and their impact design licensed by Italjapan Srl at extraordinarily incredible prices.
Remember that if you buy at least 40 watches, the original display stand will be sent to you free!

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