New Timex models! / Summer closure infos

Important info on summer closure from aug 6th to aug 21th: only orders received within tuesday aug 2nd will be handled before holidays. Further orders will be handled starting from monday August 22th.

Since 1854, the hugely popular Timex brand has produced watches renowned for their iconic style and timeless design.
The Timex brand has constantly managed to meet the needs of every customer, thanks to the high quality that has always characterised it. Modern and fashionable, it well represents the perfect watch for dynamic people, a must-have object that expertly blends sports and luxury to be a versatile accessory, suitable for any environment and occasion.
Timex watches are the emblem of accuracy, reliability and comfort, original and unique design, cheerful and fashionable.
Timex represents the perfect combination between luxury Italian design and efficient German engineering; it offers a large line full of new models designed for sports, work, school, excursions… for example, Timex Ironmen, Expedition, Weekender.
Recognized as the prominent worldwide leader in the construction of timekeepers, Timex produces watches specifically designed for professional athletes and sports people who love the brand. They have countless features purposely designed to optimise training or work.
Recently, Timex introduced a new line, Weekender, watches with a more casual design, suitable for any occasion thanks to their interchangeable straps that offer the possibility of wearing a different watch every day of the week.
To buy our Timex watches in bulk, it is necessary to register and log in to the website, only this way it will be possible to view the complete online catalogue that lists prices and discounts.
Please note that, due to the summer break scheduled from 6 to 21 August 2016, only the orders received by 2 August will be processed; all orders received after 2 August will be processed after the break, starting from 22 August.

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