New Timecode and Serene Marceau models! / The most wanted collections

Timecode watches honors the men and women who made history and is proud to announce its 2 brand new chronograph collections and their breakthrough design: Tesla and Quantum.

Discover the most sought after collection! Timecode make watches dedicated to the great historic endeavours, to the most important moments of humanity; with this intent the new brand takes the opportunity to honour the men and women that have left a mark in history presenting two new chronographs with an inovative technology and aggressive design: Tesla and Quantum. The Tesla 1893 collection distinguishes itself for its modern face and the unusual style that recalls an electric circuit, inspired by the 1893 World Exposition in Chicago where Tesla showed his greatness in the use of alternating current. The chronographs have a calendar on the display, they are water resistent up to 100m and have a strap in material which is available in tones of beige, khaki, brown or blue. The case is in stainless steel, resistent and long-lasting. There are also some beautiful variations in real leather. The Quantum 1927 models have the same characteristics as the Teslas but their design is inspired by the Quantistic Theory on the emission and absorption of radiations….. because they are dedicated to a great historic endeavour they are destined to stronger men that believe in progress and science. The Diamonds Serena Marceau models, dedicated to women who love luxury, distinguish themselves for elegance and refinery. They are embellished with details in gold and zircons, like Notre Dame or Place de la Concorde, undoubtedly inspired by French elegance and style. The straps are made in steel or in leather in a wide choice of colours: from pink, to light blue, to white…. The Montmartre models have three squared cases with an unmistakable and original style. They are luxury watches particularly suitable to wear on special occasions. Furthermore, the French brandalso makes more sobre and linear models like the Pont des Arts which are suitable for a daily use and come in a wide range of colours for the straps. They are perfect for young women that want to be elegant and classy on a daily basis without renouncing to the particularity of detail.

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